Shifting Power and Control in the 1:1 Tablet Classroom: from teacher onto students


Our research shows the challenges of 1:1 tablet classrooms in Sweden. When schools started to implement the tablet, some teachers used this opportunity to shifting the power to students. Students get more control over their own learning process.

Teachers' symbolic power. (Fig. 2 in the article)

Shift of symbolic power from teachers to students. (Fig. 3 in the article)

Open Access

  • Peter Bergström, Eva Mårell-Olsson, & Isa Jahnke (accepted 19 April 2017). Variations of Symbolic Power and Control in the One-to-One Computing Classroom: Swedish Teachers' Enacted Didactical Design Decisions. In: Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research (30 May 2017),


"This study provides new insights into Swedish teachers' didactical designs when handling two contemporary challenges regarding the new national curriculum and the increasing digitalisation of schools through one-to-one computing initiatives. The research questions consider how teachers organise physical and digital resources in their classrooms as well as variations in teachers' pedagogical communication. From a study of 23 one-to-one computing classrooms (using tablets), some ethnographic-inspired methods were applied based on classroom observation and recordings of teachers' teaching. The findings show two distinct forms of teachers' classroom organisation that indicate different didactical designs used by teachers to integrate one-to-one computing into the classroom. Variations in teaching resulted in a shift of symbolic power and control from teachers to students, which exploit the potential of using one-to-one computing in the classroom."