What is "blended" in blended learning? Anders Norberg


Dear European researchers,

"blended learning" is a usually a mix of .... ? Sure, easy....or not? Actually, what does "blended" mean in blended learning? Have you ever asked yourself if there is any "unblended" learning?

We are looking for European perspectives on "blended learning". Is there anything like that?

  1. What is "blend" in "blended learning" for you? (e.g., components, type of blend, your definition)
  2. Could you possibly recommend a favorite paper on "blended learning", an author, conference or other favorite resource?
  3. Do you have any feeling or hypothesis about differences between European and North American research on "blended learning"?

We would we very happy if you could help us by answering the questions, as a reply to this email isa.jahnke@edusci.umu.se and anders.norberg@skelleftea.se

Thanks a lot!

Isa Jahnke & Anders Norberg,
Umeå University

Anders Norberg & Isa Jahnke (2014). "Are you Working in the Kitchen?": European Perspectives on Blended Learning. In Anthony G. Picciano, Charles D. Dziuban, & Charles R. Graham (Eds.), Blended Learning - Research Perspectives. Vol. 2. Routledge/Taylor & Francis, pp. 251-267.