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I received a very nice book review #CrossActionSpaces

Many thanks to James Wilson who wrote a very nice book review. The entire book review is ready to read online on

Here are two quotes:

"Digital Didactical Design is neither a step-by-step guide for developing educational curriculum, nor a compendium of creative teaching methodologies tweaked by the latest digital technologies. It is, however, a thought-provoking treatise aimed at educational institutions, teachers, and decision-makers in need of a better understanding of learning in a digital world. Readers are reminded that "instead of focusing too much on new technology-driven designs or content design" (13) attention should be placed on developing Digital Didactical Design that facilitates meaningful and deep learning.


"Since new forms of learning are evolving, Jahnke has effectively placed her energies on helping readers better understand digital didactical design, rather than on supplying packaged solutions in all situations. She makes no claim to have all the answers, but she does provide countless opportunities for reflecting on the best way forward in shaping effective digital didactical design and learning strategies for today's hyper-connected world. -- James R. Wilson
Johannesburg, South Africa


Retrieved August 25, 2016.