Join me at "Abell Conversations: College Science Teaching" (Video)

Please join us for our next Abell Conversations about College Science Teaching next week

Date: Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

Time: 11:30 am - 1 pm (Pizza at 11:30, Presentation and Discussion at Noon)
*Please bring your own cup for drinks

Venue: 572 Life Sciences Center

Speaker: Dr. Isa Jahnke - iSchool of Information Science and Learning Technologies and Research Director of the Information Experience Lab

Topic: Digital Didactical Designs for Learning in CrossActionSpaces

We will explore ways to use small mobile devices to expand the communication and social interaction that occurs in STEM college classrooms. I will discuss my theory of teaching settings, CrossActionSpaces (Jahnke, 2016) that provides new possibilities for teaching and learning.Full Discussion Abstract:
Traditionally, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was segregated from the teaching classroom, for example, in computer labs. This segregation has changed with the advent of smaller flexible devices. There is a shift from separating ICT and education to co-located settings where mobile technology becomes part of the classroom; both have merged into new teaching spaces that expand the space for communication and social interaction into multi-existing co-located communication spaces: CrossActionSpaces (Jahnke, 2016). These new spaces, which have emerged from sociotechnical actions, provide new possibilities for teaching and learning. In the presentation, I explore 'how to' meet the new challenges that these new situations pose to the field.