Kansas City Public Schools:  Chromebook classrooms (MPER funded)


The Kansas City Public Schools work with Chromebooks and I am happy to meet some of the teachers. My first visit was in February. Javier Alfonso did a great job with the Chromebook classrooms!

We had a great school day on February/9 and a super workshop on February/10 in Kansas City MO. Great teachers, a lot of wonderful ideas! We worked on active classrooms and have utilized the concepts of Meaningful Learning With Technologies (Howland, Jonassen & Marra 2012), CrossActionSpaces and DDD (Jahnke, 2016) for designing meaningful student learning activities and assessing the laptop classrooms.

This project is funded by MPER, MU Partnerships for Educational Renewal https://mper.missouri.edu/ "Study Group Funding" program.

Here are the slides from our first meeting:  https://www.slideshare.net/isaja/2017-02kansas-cityijv2