Keynote at the Technology Education Symposium 2019


The German Technikdidaktik Sympoisum takes place at the TU Darmstadt in Germany

from 10. - 11. October 2019

Location: Innenstadt-Campus, TU Darmstadt

Further information:

My keynote addresses STEM education and how to turn from passive into active learning strategies with technologies, as research has shown that active learning support better student learning outcomes and better performances (e.g., Freeman et al., 2014).

Abstract: As web-enabled mobile technologies become increasingly integrated into formal learning environments, a new kind of classroom emerge: CrossActionSpaces. These spaces can be characterized as informal-in-formal spaces in which learning takes place across traditional in person or online boundaries. Under these new circumstances, the questions are: how to design for learning with technologies (and not learning from technologies)? In this keynote, I will introduce the approach of Digital Didactical Designs (DDD) that aims to develop deep and meaningful teaching and learning designs-in-practices with technologies. DDD can be applied to design, develop and evaluate educational online and blended learning practices.